Medicare Insurance Consulting Services


We help you understand the critical role that Medicare plays in your healthcare and finances during retirement.  You will have numerous, and often times confusing, choices available on how to utilize Medicare.


At Keystone Benefits Group, Inc., we have knowledgeable, trustworthy, and experienced consultants dedicated to addressing the Medicare needs of our current and prospective clients.  Our specialists take the time to understand your unique situation.  We are independent agents who help Medicare eligible clients find the best fit, whether that is a Medicare Advantage Plan, a Medigap/Supplement Plan, or perhaps staying on an employer’s group plan.  We have established partnerships with major insurance carriers such as Aetna, AARP UnitedHealthcare, Highmark, and UPMC.


Some of the many factors involved with choosing health coverage for Medicare eligible clients include:

  • Health status
  • Hospital and Physician preferences
  • Prescription medications
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Budget limitations
  • Travel frequency
  • Continued access to affordable employer sponsored coverage
  • Potential Part B and Part D premium surcharges for higher income earners
  • Need for a non-Medicare eligible dependent to continue to have coverage
  • Dual eligibility (Medicare and Medicaid)


Please contact Amy Geary for a no-cost, unbiased Medicare consultation.

724 497-2438